PolitDesign - from the vote poster to the design

In June 2016, Switzerland voted on the popular initiative for an unconditional basic income. The people rejected the initiative, but the sensational campaign was worldwide. The iconic voting poster received the ADC Award in New York and became the requested design blowers.

Yes Oui SI was opened in 2016 for the Voting Campaign of the Generation Basic Income of Pola Rapatt as an online shop.

Since then, YES OUI SI is located in the company center in Basel.

Should there be a second folk initiative for an unconditional basic income in the future, the vote poster will be found in many living rooms of this world.

From the pandemic to the pin

The OK pin sees itself as an encounter detector in a crazy time. Nearby and distance want to be re-reviewed in every encounter between people.

There is no copyright for the OK pin. Print files can be requested for free at: