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Ja Oui Si

What is missing if everything is there?

What is missing if everything is there?

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A provocative essay of the initiators of the Swiss referendum, which took place on June 5, 2016.
What would you work if your income would be taken care of? What would you do if you could do what you really want? What do you stand up in the morning? What are you trusting and what the others do?

Switzerland is the first country that has voted on the introduction of an unconditional basic income. Socialists and capitalists, liberals and conservatives, entrepreneurs and trade unionists combat the proposal - and inspire themselves for him. The reason for this: The unconditional basic income makes us the right questions.


"Who reads this book, knows: never the unconditional basic income was so close."
Götz W. Werner, entrepreneur October 2015


Daniel Häni is an entrepreneur, co-founder of the Basel cultural and coffee house »Company Mitte« as well as co-initiator of the Swiss People's Initiative »for an unconditional basic income." She was successfully submitted in 2013 and triggered a worldwide media echo.

Philip Kovce, born 1986, is economist and philosopher andResearchs at Basler Philosophicum, as well as at the University of Witten / Herdecke. In addition, he published aphorisms in bookbands, in newspapers, magazines and anthologies.


189 pages / 139 x 215 mm


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Plakat mit Geschichte

Das Goldene Plakat wurde bei einer Pressekonferenz im Bundeshaus in Bern den Mendien vorgestellt.